Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day!

News Flash:  I had to use my off day to get a "deep cleaning" of a 4mm "pocket" in my gum, next to my tooth.  A 2mm "pocket" is supposed to be cause for concern.  So, I had to get numbed up and in she went with the deep cleaning.  It's been two hours and I can still feel the blood leaking out......gross.

On a nicer note, I have entered a contest to try and win some much need mulah.  The site can be accessed here:

On still another nicer note:  I have purchased 7 more baby chicks from a lady in Ross, Ohio.  Have been getting chicks from her for quite a while now.  Come August, I am hoping to have a dozen eggs available per day for folks.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Witnessing the Food Chain Live

On Thursday, I decided to take my baby chicks out into the yard, under a shade tree to let them peck at their more natural surroundings. I brought out my enclosure and put the chicks inside with food and water. However, although the enclosure is fairly tall, it has no top. (know where this is going?).

The chicks were happy go lucky for several hours out there and I was so pleased watching them run around. Then a little later, I went out side and saw a hawk, inside of the enclosure and the chicks were going crazy! Then I started going crazy too! I started screaming at the hawk and he flew away....leaving 3 dead chicks. Now we only have 9. So sad. But totally my fault for not having a top on the enclosure. I felt soooo bad!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Peeps!

I just went out to a place in Ross and purchased 12 baby chicks. Now I have a total of 15. My three geriatric ones only lay periodically. Nick & Mitch are happy to have new chicks, but noooo roosters. We've been to that dance before. I picked out Golden Comets, Black Giants, Ameracaunas and Buff Orpingtons. The challenging part will be making sure Summer and Midnight don 't dig into them. I'm also not 100% sure of Luigi. He sure was interested on the drive home. But he's a good dog (?) and hopefully won't hurt them.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I went to the mailbox today and received the most interesting of correspondence. My son, Nick, has been chosen, based on his outstanding academic achievements and demonstrated leadership potential, to represent Little Miami School and the State of Ohio at the Junior National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C. this summer. Wow! That kid never ceases to amaze me.

Now for the kind of sickening part. It's for 6 days (wonderful) and costs $1,540, transportation to Washington D.C. not included. Yikes! I'm gonna find a way to make this happen! Yes siree, that kid is going, but I will have to start to think on some good fund raisers. I've never "fund raised" for myself before (or family) so I do not really know what to do! I have to pay $459 by April 8, 2011. Basically, a little more than 30 days.

Last year, Nick was part of the Warren County Education Services for Gifted Education group that went to Space Camp in Alabama. I was impressed with him being offered that, but now this Jrnylc has that totally beat.

Will update when more fund raising information in known!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Hello bloggers! This week has been very nice so far. I worked at school on Monday, but Tuesday and Wednesday, we were closed for inclement weather. So, I expect just to work Thursday and Friday and then be off again on Monday for MLK Day. Not too shabby!

My bladder surgery has been very successful. I wasn't supposed to lift anything over 5 lbs for 2-4 weeks. That, of course, did not work out because when dealing with horses, everything is over 5 lbs. A funny fact with regard to weight: Did you know that the average 1500 lb. horse poops about 50 lbs of manure every day? So, if Snowy and Big Red each weigh about 2000 lbs a piece, that's alot of lbs of manure every day! So, cleaning stalls was problematic, as was feeding them. Just a few flakes of hay weigh over 5 lbs. but I just decided to do everything I normally do, with just a little more caution: I picked up fewer flakes of hay, filled water buckets slower, just cleaned stalls "a little" and not alot.

When I went back to the doctor for a followup appointment, I told him what I had been doing. I asked him how I would know if the sling moved or I had done something to make it not work correctly. He said "you'll start peeing again". Whew. That was good to hear because I have been startled, tripped, yelled at the kids and even fallen, and am happy to report that not one drop of pee has come out of me at these times. Those things and even more would cause a major pee episode in the past. I'm so happy I had this done, but feel stupid for waiting all of these years.

If you have any incontinence problems, please see a urologist and get it taken care of promptly. You will be much happier for it.

Until next time,


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Uggh--bladder surgery

Simple bladder surgery--a mother's eventual necessity--putting the bladder back in place via a sling. Not so simple. I ended up spending the night in the hospital because they could not get the incision to quit bleeding.

The surgery was at Jewish Hospital as was the overnight stay, obviously. But, I must say, I was VERY impressed with the overall care at this hospital. Not at all what I had expected. Pleasantly surprised. Everything seemed well planned out and handled in the best ways available. Should I ever have a need to be hospitalized again, I will ask to go to Jewish and I highly recommend this hospital to anyone in the Cincinnati area.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I've been wondering for quite a while what those thick scar like lines on the back of Big Red's pasterns were. After perusing an article about rainrot in Equus Magazine (April, 2010), there was one little sentence that said "Rainrot can also be confused with Scratches, especially if it appears on the back of the pasterns...." So, not knowing what "scratches" was, but wondering if that's what Big Red had, I did a little research. Yes, Watson, I think I've found the answer! I've been around horses all my life but never heard of "scratches". Now I have, and now you have too. This article below is very informative.

REMEDY FOR "SCRATCHES" by Heather Smith Thomas [01/01;F;101f5]